Benziger Family Winery

To craft wines of uncommon character with a distinct sense of place commands the enthusiasm of an entire team devoted to a singular passion. At Benziger that team is a family, and our passion is Sonoma Mountain winegrowing.

It’s been more than two decades since Mike and Mary Benziger first drove up Sonoma Mountain and saw the overgrown ranch that would become Benziger Family Winery. They purchased the land with the help of Mike’s father, Bruno Benziger, a wine and spirits importer from New York.

A year later, Bruno and his wife Helen, along with their two youngest children, moved west to help start the winery. Mike’s younger brothers, Bob, Joe and Jerry Benziger, would soon follow. Today, more than two-dozen Benzigers live on and around the estate winery in Sonoma County.

The first Benziger Family wines were produced to critical acclaim in 1981. In 1982, the family introduced the Glen Ellen brand and with it a new category of good wines at affordable prices, dubbed “the fighting varietal.” In 1993, the Benzigers sold their popular Glen Ellen brand to pursue the family’s common goal: To craft wines that authentically express the individual vineyards from which they are made, with integrity and an enduring respect for the land.

“Benziger is a winery defined by family, passion and enthusiasm,” says National Sales Manager Chris Benziger. “We’re committed to winemaking that exceeds expectations on every level. We do this, not from a boardroom thousands of miles away, but here at the winery and out in the vineyards-connected to the land, to the wine and to the consumer.” The Benzigers live and breathe Sonoma County winegrowing. The result is Sonoma wine with a strong sense of place that satisfies the palate and nourishes the soul. “There’s an incredible moment when people get the idea of how grapes and wine are connected to a local area,” says Mike Benziger. “It’s really a wow experience. If we can be the ones who usher in that experience for them, then we’re successful.”

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