The Care & Feeding of Knives

Here are some knife care suggestions to help extend the sharpness of your knives:

Invest in a set of high quality knives. With proper care they will last a lifetime.  I suggest these three knives at the minimum – an eight inch chef’s knife – a pairing knife, and a bread knife.

Wash & dry your knives by hand. Dishwashers expose them to harsh detergents and they can bang around and damage the edges.

Store knives in a knife block or magnetic knife bar whenever possible, or at a least store them away from other utensils that can damage their sharp edges.

Always use a wood or polyethylene cutting board. These materials create less resistance to the blade’s edge than boards made from materials like ceramic or plastic.

Do not use a regular “steel”. If you do not have a fine grit ceramic steel  it is best to not use anything. Improper use can actually dull your knives.

NEVER check the sharpness of your knives with your tongue! (Offered tongue-in-cheek – pun intentional)

Have your knives sharpened by Ron regularly – at least twice a year, or more often if you cook a lot. The only purpose of a knife is to cut.  If your knives are dull they are not serving their purpose.

I am now offering knife sharpening by mail at a highly competive price with a turnaround time that is often  faster than using a local company.  Please visit my website for more information :





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