Ceago Vinegarden is owned by Jim Fetzer, former President of Fetzer Vineyards.  Jim grew up with his ten brothers and sisters in the vineyards of Mendocino County.  The Fetzer family built their business into an internationally-recognized and respected winery.  In 1968, the family started producing just a few dozen cases.  When the family sold the winery in 1992, Fetzer Vineyard was producing two and a half million cases of wine annually and was growing 1,200 acres of wine grapes certified organic.  The Fetzer family led the U.S. wine industry in organic farming and ecological business practices.  In 1993, Jim Fetzer established Ceago Vinegarden. Currently, two of Jim’s children, Katrina and Barney, are on board and bringing all their talents and knowledge into the family business.

Ceago Vinegarden has vineyards in both Lake & Mendocino Counties in northern California. These two counties, along with Napa and Sonoma Counties, are collectively recognized worldwide as one of the premier grape growing regions in California. Our vineyards are just two hours north of San Francisco (100 miles).

Located high above Napa, Sonoma & Mendocino Counties in the upper right corner of California’s north coast wine region, Ceago’s vineyards are blessed with well-drained grave-and-loam soils. The vineyards share a 163-acre estate with palm & cypress trees, olive groves, fruit trees, walnuts, figs, lavender fields, vegetable & herb gardens, agaves, and riparian vegetation.

In keeping with Ceago’s holistic & Biodynamic principles, sheep & chickens roam the land, along with wild turkeys, raccoons, birds, butterflies, and native bees. All of these beings contribute to the vitality of Ceago’s air & soil. Ceago Vinegarden’s property on Clear Lake has received Biodynamic certification by Demeter USA, a leader in Biodynamic certification and awareness. In addition to the farm, Ceago Vinegarden offers a Tasting Room, a seasonal open-air café, a conference room, and an extra-long Pier where boats & seaplanes can dock.


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